Logan Martin

for Executive Director

of El Paso Young Democrats

Who I Am

If I had to give advice to anyone on success, I would tell them to strive for four main ideals: Love seeing others succeed; Surround yourself with people who are better than you; Leave the world better than you found it — and my favorite — it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

I am a theatre kid, through and through, but it is these ideals that allowed me to pivot and have success outside of theatre. Over a decade of stage and production management training and experience has allowed me to help actors and designers succeed on stage. The only way to SM and PM a production is to surround yourself with a tech team that is better than you — their success is your success. You have to know all the moving parts of an organization that can be 5 people, or 500 people, and you have to be the center of all of that motion.

In the end, it was this passion and drive for theatre that pushed me to work to better my community through the Child Crisis Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Trevor Project, OUTright, International AIDS Empowerment Center and other local and national organizations. It was also my vast experience in the field that opened the opportunities for me to become the City of El Paso’s first Special Events Coordinator, before ever having a college degree.

To succeed, you have to take calculated risks. In my years at the city, I grew a small front-desk endeavor into a full division of the Planning Department. I restructured a complicated process that involves all city departments, state, federal and international offices and clearances to form the internationally recognized special events permitting process. I did it all by taking ownership of my role, taking calculated risks and, more than anything, asking for forgiveness than permission.

This is the type of experience, growth and leadership that I hope to bring the El Paso Young Democrats as the new Executive Director.

What I Have Done


  • Neon Desert

  • Streetfest

  • Sun Bowl Parade

  • Papal Visit

  • Slide the City

  • Downtown Tree Lighting

  • El Paso Marathon

  • Fred Loya Light Show

  • Pridefest

  • +250 festivals, parades, block parties, 5Ks and other events per year


  • Management experience of teams up to 100

  • Local and national media interviews, Print & Television

  • Draft and present local law amendments and ordinances

  • Founder & Director of theatre & dance production company

  • Manage a design team and organization management systems

  • Public speaking of 1000+ audience

  • Graphic and web design


  • Top 30 Under 30, The City Magazine

  • Best Downtown Special Events Permitting, International Downtown Association

  • Director's Choice Award for Lydia (Top Honor), Region 6 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival - Stage Manager

What I Will Do

One of our most important tasks this coming year is growth. We are at an incredible turning point in our country where change has come, not from the top, but from everyday people fighting and showing up. This gives us an opportunity to impact more change in our community.

To be more effective, we need a bigger footprint. As Executive Director, I feel visibility and democratization of information will help us get there.


  • The more we are known in the community, the more doors open.

  • The more visible change we can bring, the more people will want to be a part of that change with us.

  • We need to have wider and more public discussions on issues through our social media channels.

  • We need to market ourselves as an agency for change.

  • We need to attend and sponsor public events that align with our mission and will allow for more recruitment.

Information Democrotization

  • Establish internal systems to track tasks, projects and streamline communication.

  • Establish systems that allow for asynchronous communication and collaboration.

  • Provide a central source of truth for documents, files and information

  • Ensure that all who need access have access


I am excited to be a part of the change that this organization is bringing. Regardless of the results of the election, I am here to stay and serve any way I can. Let's connect and get the work started.

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